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Pulsar Benefits

Flow Control

The Pulsar brewer offers complete control over agitation and flow rate, and makes it easy to retain water during the blooming phase.

Diffused Pouring

Start a controlled brew with a uniform wetting of the grounds with the carefully designed dispersion cap.

High Versatility

The valve and the "no bypass" brewer design provide an unlimited number of possible combinations of immersion and percolation.

No Water Bypass

Eliminate the unknown amount of water bypassing the coffee bed (Easily control the strength with brew ratio)

Heat Retention

The combination of thermal stable plastic and dispersion cap give this brewer the advantage of higher slurry temps.

Tea Brewing

The ideal dripper for steep & release tea brewing. Gong-fu tea brewing is a traditional Chinese method of making tea.


Perfect for simple brews 'steep-and-release' brews.

Made in the USA

All parts manufactured in the United States of America!


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