Pulsar – Stainless Steel Filter Discs


– Green / No paper option
– Full flavor / higher body
– Reuse many times
– Consistent results
– Micro filtration equal clean cups

* Use the 18K for a higher bodied coffee or tea brewing (Or use under a paper filter to slow the flow slightly)
* Use the 30K for cleaner cup of coffee (These may not handle as much agitation as a
paper filter before clogging, depends on the coffee)

* With the barrel still inserted, open valve and dump out spent ground (shake if needed) in waste bin. Rinse remaining grounds and disassemble the base/barrel. With valve open carefully shake filter from base (running some water into the valve from the bottom may help.)

* After each use, wash with an airpot cleaner. A small spritzer, like is used for RDT, works very well. When wet these filters stick to the side of the sink and can be brushed or wiped easier
* Use espresso machine cleaner for deep cleaning if needed.
* We recommend storing these discs in the plastic case as they are quite delicate/thin.


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