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The NextLevel LVL-10 brewer is a simple, easy-to-use brewer that produces amazingly good coffee with less effort, greater consistency, and better taste than the cone drippers widely used by the coffee industry today.

Nextlevel Pulsar Brewer Coming Soon!

When we released the NextLevel LVL-10 brewer, we were happy with the results and enjoyed how easy it was to yield delicious, even and high extractions. At NextLevel we strive to constantly improve, so we brought on coffee-obsessed astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné to the team to help develop our new brewer, the Pulsar.

With our innovative brewer design we found a very efficient brewing method that keeps pace with the progressive nature of the specialty coffee industry. We believe this brewer will become that versatile / go-to / daily driver for a large segment of the coffee enthusiasts who want to brew manually. Are you ready to take your coffee’s extraction and taste to the NextLevel?

NextLevel LVL-10 Benefits

Controlled Water Flow

Start a controlled brew with a uniform wetting of the grounds with the carefully designed dispersion cap.

No Water Bypass

Eliminate the unknown amount of water bypassing the coffee bed (Easily control the strength with brew ratio)

Uniform Extraction

22% extraction yields are common with 1:18 (Drinking) ratio. Sweet, Full, and Balanced are often heard in the coffee's tasting descriptions.

Flash Brew

The LVL-10 brewer really shines with this drink. Simply brew into ice! Use the same, or a bit more, weight of ice in place of the dilute.

No Special Equipment

If you are currently brewing coffee manually, it's likely you already have all the equipment you need to use NextLevel Brewer.

Made in the USA

All parts manufactured in the United States of America!

Frequently Asked Questions

A slower flow thru a level bed that’s a uniform thickness combined with a partially saturated brew water produces a “sweet” balance of immersion and diffusion brewing.

This design nearly eliminates channeling and uneven extraction. No Bypass Brewing, a brew method that can be difficult to conceptualize but easy to execute, producing consistently great coffees!

AeroPress is an Immersion style brewer, while LVL-10 is more of a Diffusion/Percolation style brewer. The dispersion cap also gives LVL-10 another layer of control. Also the larger filter area and brewing volume allow greater experimentation with different brewing ratios / grind sizes.

The white/black material used for the base and cap ring is a specially formulated Soft-Touch Food Safe TPE. The transparent material used for the dispersion cap, barrel, and filter support is a clear, durable BPA Free copolyester – Tritan®.

This would depend on water quality and roast level somewhat, but we have successfully brewed batches of 50/1000g by using a brewing ratio of 1:12

We’re working on a method to brew fully immersive that will add versatility to coffee brewing (both hot and cold) plus a paper filters tea brewer.

Yes! The LVL-10 brewer really shines with this drink. Simply brew into ice!  Using ice (Measured by weight) in place of the dilute water.

Yes! The dispersion cap allows for a faster pour and it’s possible to add all the water in one pour if that better fits the bar workflow. Also there’s no need to ‘babysit’ the NextLevel brewer during the draw-down thereby freeing up a barista to do other things.

While this isn’t strictly necessary, it is based around the theory that the majority of the extraction has taken place within the first couple minutes of the brew. This combined with the correlation between grind size and brew ratio is part of the beauty of this “Vertical Water Path / No-Bypass” brewer concept. This gives us a lot more brewing parameter options to work with, or better said, more control of the dilute ratios. Using a brew ratio of 1:12 / dilute ratio of 1:5, most of the brews we test have Extraction Yields of 20 – 22%. Higher EY’s can be achieved with a finer grind but this doesn’t usually translate to a better cup.

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