How to brew with LVL-10 brewer

Getting Started


Next follow the steps in the video or the written steps below.

Part 1

Place both filter support (flat side up) and filter into base. Rinse the filter with hot water, then discard the water. 

A level countertop/scale greatly helps with uniform water flow through the dispersion cap.

Part 2

With the base on a solid surface, insert the barrel into the base until fully seated.

You may need to rock it back and forth while pressing down to fully seat the brew chamber barrel.

Part 3

Place the liquid coffee holding vessel and assembled brewer onto a gram scale and tare the scale.

Part 4

Add the 30 grams of ground coffee and level the coffee bed by gently swirling. Place the dispersion cap on top of the brew chamber barrel and tare scale.

Part 5

Gently pour in 100 grams of water and wait for one minute.

Gently swirling at this time helps level the coffee bed.

This initial wait is called the bloom and gives time for the gasses trapped in the coffee to escape.

Part 6

Gently pour until the total reaches 360 grams water and wait for draw-down.

Draw-down: Depending on the grind size and/or water quality, this could take between 4:30 and 6:30 minutes.


When draw-down finishes. Remove the dispersion cap. Remove barrel with a slight twist. Discard the coffee and filter, rinse the base and filter support in warm water, and lightly wipe the barrel to lift the coffee oils.

When discarding grounds, gently squeeze base to prevent filter support from falling out with the spent coffee.

Dilute and Enjoy!

Lastly, add 120g of water to dilute your brewed concentrate. Or instead, dilute to your preferred drinking strength. 

A standard dilute amount is usually around 5 – 6 times the weight of the dry coffee or a total drinking ratio of 1:18. Enjoy a sweet, full, and rich cup of coffee!

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